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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning with us. hello. in a stunning two-part interview with oprah winfrey, fallen cycling great, lance armstrong, confessed that not a single one of his seven tour de france wins was done without the help of a banned substance. and for his millions of fans around the world who believed him, armstrong shared this message. >> i understand your anger, your sense of betrayal.
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you supported me forever, through all of this, and you believed, and i lied to you. and i'm sorry. and i will spend -- i will spend, and i am committed to spending, as long as i have to to make amends. knowing full well that i won't, i won't get very many back. >> president obama's second inaugural won't have quite the same glitter as that historic first one, but just as in 2009, they will be very busy this inaugural weekend. nearly a million people are expected for the swearing in and the parade on monday. all of it taking place under very tight security. and that all starts today. the president and vice president joe biden will take part in a community clear project. by example, both are urging americans to take part in the national day of service, which pays tribute to martin luther
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king jr. later, michelle obama and jill biden host a concert for american military families and their children. so as president obama prepares to kick off his second term, we wanted to know how the american people think that he's doing as he closes out the fist one. cnn political editor paul steinhauser is here in washington with me this morning. good morning to you. so thumbs or thumbs down. how do they think he's doing? >> we have some polls, a lot of polls. a lot of polls have skasked, ise doing a good job? do you approve or not approve? our cnn poll of polls say 53% say, yes, they approve of the job the president is doing in office, 42% disapprove. but what about the specific issues, not overall. take a look at this from orc, look at the numbers on the left, randi. these are where he's doing very well on the issues, terrorism, environment, foreign affairs, immigration, but those are not
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so important to americans. the economy, he's at 48%. what's the second most important? the deficit, we know that's been in the news lately, 41%. so it depends on the issue. >> and gun policy is in there as well. that snuck in there. has the president lived up to expectations, do you think, according to our polls? >> we asked just that and you can see from these results, about one in ten, 13% said he has exceeded expectations over the last four years. about four in ten says he's met expectations. a slight majority says yes, he's met or exceeded expectations. at the bottom, almost half said he fell short of expectations. these numbers are a little bit better now than they were a year and a half ago. >> the man with all the numbers for us this morning. paul steinhauser, nice to see you here. this weekend, the focus is on the inauguration, as we've been talking about, but it is the next four years that concern president obama, of course. the problems and the potential pitfalls. oh!
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a live look at the washington monument this morning, where the sun is just
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coming up. 7:37 in d.c., ahead of the second inaugural for president obama. hundreds of thousands of people are starting to descend on washington for the inauguration. and this morning, we're looking past the oath of office to the next four years. the issues and the plans and the projects. but as our joe johns reports, some of the most notorious scandals also happen in the second term. >> reporter: president obama has high hopes for the next four years. >> i intend to carry out the agenda that i campaigned on. >> reporter: if he wants to reach that goal, history says a second-term president has got to move fast. >> power does seep away from the presidency very quickly in the second term. >> second term presidents and their congresses have two different clocks. and the president's clock is now moving toward history. and the longer view, and he can take more risks. the congressional clock is still going, according to the next election. >> reporter: but he can't push too hard. former reagan chief of staff, ken duberstein says after a second win, most presidents have
4:40 am
an inflated view of their power. >> you have to figure out ways that you can accomplish things and go directionally in the way you're going. realizing that time is an enemy. get as much done as you can, but don't overreach. >> reporter: a lesson president obama promises he's learned. >> i'm more than familiar with all the literature about presidential overreach in second terms. we are very cautious about that. >> reporter: at the same time, he has to battle white house fatigue. >> people get tired. staffers leave. and so you lose some institutional memory. >> reporter: and above all, avoid scandal. what's known as the second term curse. something quite a few modern presidents have fallen victim to. >> well, i'm not a crook. i've earned everything i've got. >> reporter: for richard nixon, it was watergate. he resigned over the breakup and cover-up, just 18 months after his re-election.
4:41 am
>> i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewinsky. >> reporter: for bill clinton, it was the monica lewinsky affair, impeached by the house of representatives for lying under oath. clinton got to stay in office when the senate acquitted him. and for ronald reagan, it was iran contra. >> a few months ago, i told the american people, i did not trade arms for hostages. my heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not. >> reporter: the scandal led to investigations, indictments, and a weakened white house for reagan's final two years in office. if somehow president obama avoids all that, there's still a chance of an unforeseen crisis. >> you have to expect the unexpected in the second term. >> reporter: the soviet union shot down an american u-2 spy plane during dwight eisenhower's last year as president. and george w. bush's second term was bookended by emergencies,
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hurricane katrina's destruction of the gulf coast early on, the financial meltdown at the end. and after eight years, those moments of crisis could determine a president's legacy. >> when you're in the second term, you have no -- nothing left to run for, except a place in history. >> reporter: a number of presidents in their second terms have focused heavily on foreign policy. and now that mr. obama has begun the job of replacing his outgoing secretaries of state and defense and the director of the cia, he'll have some new faces to work with on his foreign policy team. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> and next hour, we take a closer look at the issues that will likely define president obama's second term. randi, what's coming up next? >> we have a whole lot still ahead, victor. she set fashion trends four years ago when president obama was sworn into office, so what will michelle obama wear to this weekend's inaugural events? we'll have a look at the first lady's fashion, coming up.
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i think that there's no more higher purpose right now than to take care of folks, put themselves in harm's way, protect our freedoms. >> more than half a million folks have done more than one tour. that's a tremendous emotional and physical burden we've put on our folks that's totally unprecedented. >> we're acknowledging that people are always going to have some effect. we just want them to be able to be better at making that transition back to civilized society and not carrying around that pain of war for the rest of their life. i am skip russo, clinical psychologist at the university of southern california, institute for creative technologies.
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welcome back, everyone, to "cnn saturday morning."
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you're laooking at a sneak peek of this weekend's events. one of those events is the inaugural ball. bow ties and ball gowns, there will be plenty of outfits to watch out for in the coming days. if you have money in washington, you don't really don't want to show it. what you want to show is actually power. that quote coming from robin givhan, fashion editor, and "washington post" contributor, and she's here with us in our studio here on the national mall. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so let's talk about fashion, specifically michelle obama's fashion. i know that you have said the first lady is stylish, but you have written in the past, i want to quote here, be ready, more often, her clothes are simply lovely frocks worth admiring in slide shows and picture books, but not worth discussing. now, you go on to say, fashion is fun, was the nonstop attention to mrs. obama's wardrobe isn't fun, it's exhausting, it's too much, and it's pointless. so do we have michelle obama
4:48 am
fashion fatigue? >> well, clearly i did when i wrote that. you know, i think there's, for me, what was happening, or what has happened, is that her clothes have been discussed with this kind of feverish fervor that normally we reserve for celebrities. you know, for people walking down the red carpet, for, you know, the celebrity on their way to starbucks. and i think what it translates to the first lady, there's a lot of fun with that, but i also think it sort of drains away some of the more substantiative things that she could represent for the fashion industry. >> i know you were a big fan of what she wore at the first inaugural ball, the jason wu dress. what would you like to see her wear tonight? what do you expect she'll wear tonight? it's top secret, of course. >> well, she told me, but i'm not telling anyone. i'm kidding, of course. one of the things i loved about the jason wu dress was not even so much the design of it, but what it represented. i just thought the choice of
4:49 am
this young immigrant designer with his own business, who wasn't a big advertiser, who wasn't from this giant corporate structure just spoke volumes about what the american fashion industry has welcome, the kind of business, businesses that are born there and that have been nurtured by the industry. i mean, it sort of showed to the american public that when we talk about small business owners, that the fashion industry counts in that category as well. and i think a lot of people sort of dismiss it as the sort of glammy, you know, smoke and mirrors kind of world. >> so if we're not talking about michelle obama's fashions, we're going to be talking about her bangs. the first lady got bangs. >> yes, she did. >> i want to ask you what you think of it. is it a good look for her? and do you think that now everyone, maybe not everyone, but certainly a lot more women will be going out and getting -- is she going to be starting a new bangs trend, perhaps? >> i'm going to give maney eisenhower a little credit,
4:50 am
because she did have quite famous bangs. but i think the bangs look create. i don't read anything more into them other than it's been four years, she's going into a new chapter in her public life, so why not have a new hairdo? >> sure. why not, right? she can pull it off. many believe, though, that michelle obama has this style, and a real accessibility. you know, she can wear anything from target to talbots to jason wu. but you once wrote, again, here, "avoiding the appearance of queenly behavior is politically wise, but it does american culture no favors if the first lady tries so hard to be average that she winds up looking common." i think you were writing about when the first lady was wearing shorts, right? so that was a fashion faux pas? >> and i would add, that she was stepping off of air force one and there are like men absolut
4:51 am
her and she was in shorts. >> so should she be more formal? >> i think first ladies in general are loathe to think of themselves as sort of removed from the average person, and i think they make an i think they to sort of be normal. but the reality is that as soon as you step into that bubble, as soon as every picture of yourself becomes part of the public record, you're no longer just normal. so i don't think that she -- that they need to avoid being queenly -- they need to avoid that, but i don't think that they need to try so hard to be common. because that's not really what we want. we want accessibility and we want empathy, but i think we do want them to, you know, represent us, the american people, in the best possible light. >> so, again, no clue who she might be wearing monday night? really, no scoop for us, robin? >> no scoop. i've heard, though, there are multiple choices.
4:52 am
>> i'm sure. can you imagine all those letters coming into the white house asking please wear me? please wear me. >> i submitted my stuff. i don't think it's going to go well, though. >> i would like to see that sketch. robin, thank you for being here this morning. >> my pleasure. victor, do you look to president obama for fashion ideas? >> no. >> certainly a lot of women look to michelle obama. >> no. >> no? come on. >> i don't go to the president or senators to find my wardrobe. but i do appreciate the first lady's fashions. and we got to see some of them. we know that she's not known just for her style and grace. she's also known for her fitness. and those arms. we'll show you how she maintains those famously toned arms. hmmm. p. let's see if walmart can help you find the same look for less. okay. see? walmart has all these leading eyewear brands and styles. rockstar! really? yeah. oh, wow! oh, black frame looks good on you. yeah? you can get a complete pair starting at just --
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welcome back, everyone. michelle obama made another style choice this week that social media seems to be pretty excited about. as we mentioned a few moments ago, the first lady has a new hairstyle. you see it right there. since she's such a trendsetter, fashion watchers are saying that the bangs craze is sure to catch on. in fact, it seems it has already made an impression on our show team. dare we take a look at these pictures? take a look here at our associate producer, hana, lovely without the bangs, of course. but check it out, here she is with some bangs. oh, yeah. really adds something, don't you think? one of our other associate producers, yasmine, beautiful hair. but was inspired by the first lady's new do as well.
4:57 am
here is her new look to share. oh, yeah. victor, i know that, you know, you certainly don't need to change. we've always said that. we like you just the way you are. our team was just a little little curious what you would look like with a new hairstyle and maybe some bangs. take a look at the picture of you and our producer, jess o'neill, two great-looking guys without the bangs. what if we did decide to add a little something something there? oh, yeah, there it is. come on. that looks pretty sharp. victor, what do you think? >> never going to happen. begrudgingly, i stood for the -- you can probably tell by the facial expression, hey, victor, let's put bangs on your head. that hair actually belongs to zooey deschanel. thank you, zooey. i do think that jesse should get
4:58 am
the bangs. look at that. >> he says it's wind swept. >> he has a little justin bieber look going. got a little biebs in him. okay. that was our fun for this saturday morning. >> yes, and it was fun. >> many people love her style, especially the sleeveless look. we're talking about michelle obama. she didn't get those arms by just sitting around the white house. mrs. obama wakes up before dawn to work out. back with us, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, official trainer for the atlanta hawks cheerleaders, so much going on. so how does michelle obama, one, get the arms and keep them? >> i wish it was just as simple as getting michelle obama's arms. she is very active, first of all. it's not just about spot training, working out the arms. she's active, watches what she eats. she's very into nutrition. those are two key factors into
4:59 am
getting toned arms. another thing is genetics. and she was a college athlete. she has a lot of things on her side. but if you want to tone your arms and strengthen and work on getting a little more shape, you can do the following exercises. i brought my dumbbells. you can do these, too, if you want to. hammer curls to get our biceps in the front of our arm. they're going to flex. you can do this and then twist at the top and you can see -- well, you can't see yours in your jacket, but it might pop the sleeve. >> they are bulging. >> this will work our biceps. you have the weights. that's more fun. then we'll work our triceps, three muscles, tri. does it work with your suit? >> i've got it. >> turn them in toward oech other. it would work better if you didn't have your suit on. do we have an extra suit in

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